Friday, July 23, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - PETON HUNTING

Some like SNIPE HUNTING while we in the Leesburg Stake like PETON HUNTING!

For year's the YCL'S would take our Level One Campers Snipe Hunting on the first day of camp...just to brake them in a little.  This tradition ended sadly last year when we discovered that the movie UP featured SNIPE HUNTING.  So many of the girls had seen the film that our older girls decided that every year we would make up our own CREATURE to HUNT.  This year it turned out to be a PETON!  I highlighted a photo of the PETON in an earlier post under Campfire Sing-A-Long's.  To help the PETON feel more comfortable with its surroundings the YCL'S decided that the younger campers would need to tie string around their foreheads with little pieces hanging down in front of their face.  I think there was also something about additional footwork that needed to be done while walking in the woods too.  The YCL'S hid in the trees and even stuffed pillowcases with objects to make the younger girls think that they had truly captured one.  What a night...that's all I have to say.  I think everyone had way too much fun!

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