Sunday, July 18, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - The Apostles

Our Stake has really been focusing on having the Primary Children and the Youth learn the names of the Apostles.  We took this a step further at Young Women's Camp this year.  We decided that it would be fun for each Ward to represent 2 Apostles at Camp with the Stake covering the rest.  Each Ward shared a biography of the Apostles they were given, shared a fun story or two from their lives, and brought a prop that would be used later to try to remember which Apostle that prop represented.  We had a YCL that was over creating some fun games that included APOSTLE TRIVIA, Laying the Footprints down in the right order ( you can see the footprints on the blog under Follow the Prophet - Primary Music Idea), Memory Games (another file you can find on the blog under General Conference), and much more! 

We really challenged them in learning the proper names and order by playing the games prior to MEAL TIME.  In order to line up for BREAKFAST, LUNCH, and DINNER........your camp level had to know the names and you had to win the APOSTLE GAME CHALLENGE prior to the meal.  This worked out to be just a BLAST!  You should try it next time you head to camp!

If you would like the FOOTPRINTS & MEMORY GAME CARDS...please comment here or email me directly at  Don't forget your email address!


Brenda said...

I would love a copy of all the YW camp stuff you are doing. Thanks So much for sharing.

arendje said...

Please send a copy of the Footprints and Memory Game cards to - thank you as always!!