Sunday, July 18, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Nightly News & GOLDEN SHOE AWARD

Each year we have group of YCL'S that are assigned to be over PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEO at camp.  We call them our MEDIA YCL'S!  Their responsibilities are to capture every moment of what is happening around the camp grounds.  Then, at the end of each day they put together some of the highlights to be shown via video projector to the rest of the group.  They have turned this into what we call our NIGHTLY NEWS PROGRAM.  This year they created a table cloth with their NEWS NAME and unique name tags for each YCL participating in this group.  Their POWERPOINT NIGHTLY NEWS PROGRAMS were fantastic and they did a great job covering "THE NEWS".

One of the BIG HIGHLIGHTS this year was the GOLDEN SHOE AWARD.  This idea was created by our YCL'S at one of our YCL meetings prior to camp.  The older girls really wanted to reward those that were doing GOOD DEEDS around camp.  To earn a GOLDEN SHOE AWARD you had to be respectful, show up on time for activities, learn the names of the Apostles, be seen reading your scriptures, etc...  We made the golden shoes out of gold paper using the template that I found on-line shown pictured.  We filled little bags with GOLD CANDIES and tied the bags with gold ribbon.  I think they turned out darling...don't you?  I think we handed out every single one we made which means we had a lot of young ladies doing lots of wonderful things at camp.  Way to Go GIRLS!!!

If you would like a copy of the GOLDEN SHOE AWARD template...please comment here or email me directly at  Please be sure to leave me your email address!


Fabíola Rodrigues said...
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Fabíola Rodrigues said...

Gostaria de uma cópia, ficaram lindos os sapatos! obrigada.... por favor meu email é:

Bonnie Adkins said...

I bet the YW all wanted one! Are you still sending out the template?

Lindsey said...

I would LOVE this template!

Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

Jamie Rijlaarsdam said...

I would love the template for my daughters Cinderella party
Pretty please.

Jamie Rijlaarsdam said...

Pretty please send me the beautiful shoe template, my daughters having a Cinderella party. This would be perfect.