Friday, March 19, 2010

Jar of Thanks!

While in Arizona last week...the sister's got in BIG trouble out shopping with our mom.  As we shopped we saw an idea that sparked the creation above.  My sister, Stacy, ran home and made this cute JAR OF THANKS. 

Here's what you do...

Find a small glass jar with a lid.  The Mason Jars would work perfectly!  Then...go to your local dollar store and find some coasters.  You'll need a fun treat to go inside the jar.  I think she used Easter M&M' of my favorites!!!  Find some cute scrapbook paper and cover the top of the coaster.  Glue the jar on top of the coaster.  Fill the jar with your favorite goodie.  When you go to put the lid on be sure to add some ribbon that goes underneath the lid  or under the jar and around to the top so that when you close the lid you still have ribbon to use to tie on a note of thanks, etc...  Pass your jar on to a friend, neighbor, family member or use it as a gift.  I know I would love to receive something as cute as this. 

Another fun thing to add to the card or to the top of the jar would be a paper or fabric flower...just an idea!

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Amy said...

Perfect timing! We were just talking in primary about ways we can show thanks to certain people!