Friday, March 19, 2010

Elbow Macaroni Lamb

This is a little lamb that my son Braden and I made.  I thought it turned out pretty cute and could be used as a Primary Activity or Young Women's Activity depending on what you are teaching.  Maybe a lesson on Feed My Sheep or Come Unto Christ?  It was simple enough that he could make it. 

What you'll need:
* One Large Wooden Circle - body
* One Smaller Wooden Circle - face
* 2 large spring type clothespins
* Elbow macaroni - painted white (we did this by dumping the macaroni into a bowl with some white paint and stir it with a spoon)
* Black Felt - ears
* 2 Movable Eyes
*  Black and White Paint
* Red Ribbon - mouth

Paint the large wooden circle white. 
Paint the smaller circle black.  Let Dry! 
Paint the 2 clothespins black.
Paint the macaroni white.
Cut out two ears out of the black felt.
Once the paint has dried...glue the smaller circle to the larger circle.  Glue the macaroni onto the top of the lamb's head and the body of the lamb.  Cut small pieces of red ribbon and glue on for a mouth.  Glue on the ears and attach the clothespins to the bottom as the legs.  Make sure you add the wiggle eyes!  The lamb will be able to stand up freely.

Happy Spring!

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