Monday, March 22, 2010

Easter Subway Art

When the sisters get together there's no stopping the crafts and fun.  This is an Easter Subway Art sign that we created while visiting each other in Arizona this month.  You'll notice that PEEPS made it on the sign. sister Stacy and I love PEEPS.    Hippity Hop was a Merrilee creation and our Mom and sister Amy helped too as we sat around brainstorming words that reminded us of Easter.  Merrilee was the mastermind behind the design and we have Stacy to thank for the idea. 

We're dying to know what you think.  What are some of your favorite SPRING/EASTER words?

Happy Easter!


sue said...

I Love it!!!So cute. If you love PEEPS then you have to check this out
Also could you share how you made it. I would love to make one as well. I love the birthday one as well. Thanks for sharing.

Amy said...

I totally love this. Where did you get the letters? A cricut or something? (I'm super dumb at craftiness!)

Susan said...

My questions have been asked already... Do tell ... how did you make this? Love the Birthday one as well.