Monday, January 4, 2010

Relief Society Sisters In White

I asked my mom to send me a little paragraph about an event that started in the Orlando South Stake several years ago that has become a great success. The event is called Sisters In White.

For several years now, our stake has enjoyed a Relief Society Saturday at the Temple. The event is called "Sisters in White". Announcements pertaining to this special activity are given six to nine months in advance so as many sisters as possible can attend. Each ward selects a time to meet at the Temple. Some wards enjoy lunch together afterwards or have a testimony meeting. One ward had all "white refreshments" including white chicken chili, white grape juice, vanilla ice cream etc. - you get the picture. Temple attendance is encouraged throughout the year and not just for this event. As we attend the Temple together, unity has improved and lives have been blessed.


Amy said...

Oh, that's my temple, too! I love it. I am curious, where do you have white refreshments? Is that ward's building close to the temple? We have to drive about two hours. Not so bad, of course, compared to when Atlanta was the closest!

Linda said...

Just thought I'd let you know this is one of my new favorite blogs! It's wonderful! We're starting our music club on Sunday - and the Sr. Primary is enthused!

Jennifer said...

Hi Amy...

That is so cool! You'll have to let us know when you head up this way. We could come meet you at the Temple.

To answer your question...the ladies in the Orlando South Stake are the lucky ones that have the Chapel right across the street from the Orlando Temple. They have those YUMMY meals right there. You could maybe have a WHITE breakfast and travel to Orlando afterwards. Just an idea!

Have a great night!

Jennifer said...

Hi Linda...

I'm so glad you found Beehive Messages. Your Senior Primary will LOVE the Music Club...I Promise!!! Isn't it so much fun working with the children of the church? I appreciate your kind words and please keep in touch!

All the BEST!!!