Monday, January 4, 2010

Primary Music Idea - 4th Sunday Music Share

This past Sunday...I handed out the Singing Praises To Him Club Cards to the Primary children. I decided that in order for them to sign off doing a solo/duet/musical number with an instrument, etc...we needed to have a sign up sheet. I'm going to allow the children to share their musical talents on the 4th Sunday of every month. This particular sign up sheet is just for January and February. The children can sign up to sing a solo, sing a group number with some friends, play a musical instrument or do a musical number with their family. All of the music shared must come from the Children's Songbook, Friend Magazine or the LDS Hymn Book. I want this to only last about 10 minutes since we are given 20 minutes for music time. So...I am only going to allow the maximum of 4 musical numbers per month. I know that not all of the children will participate, but there are a lot of children that will and they will LOVE it!!! First come...first to present!


Cathy said...

What a great idea! We had the Primary children that wanted to share a musical talent, do it in our program last year. They loved it and so did the ward. Thanks for the many great ideas.

Jennifer said...

Hi Cathy...

I have to agree with love sharing their talents. Sounds like the Primary children in your Ward love music as much as the children do in our Ward. Please keep in touch with me about the talents that are shared.

Have a great week!

Lynn said...

Hi Jennifer,
Do the primary children get to take home their cards? Or do you keep them? If so, how do you keep up with them? Just wondering.
When you passed out the cards did you have them on the lanyards or just in plastic protectors or what?
On your cards there are several things they do in primary like leading and reciting the scripture of the month. Just wondering a little of the management of those also.

Jennifer said...

Hey Lynn...

Yes...they get to take them home. When I passed out the cards they were already in a plastic covering attached to a lanyard.

With the tasks on the card...I combine some of those skills while I'm teaching. For instance...I may invite a child to come and help me lead the music, etc... As we go along thoughout the year, I will try to share some of those teaching ideas with everyone. I have a really fun way that I teach the children how to lead the music. I'll have to post it some time this week. You will have a blast...I PROMISE!!!

I love your thoughts...they get me really excited and get me thinking in different directions. Thanks!

Have a good one!

Lynn said...

Oh thanks so much Jennifer!
Now I see that your buttons help reinforce the use of the cards. Once a task is completed you send home the button to go along with that task.

Lynn said...

The children all love to "try" and lead music. Giving them a "fun" way to learn it would be wonderful.
I'll wait to see your idea about how to teach them in this fun way!!

Jennifer said...

Ladies...just wanted you to know that I had to really work the room in getting children signed up for our 4th Sunday Music Share. Our sign up sheet is full and I can't wait to tell you all about it after Sunday's special day.