Monday, September 7, 2009

Foam Gift Flowers

This is a fun idea shared by Stacy Bomhoff. Instead of your typical "flower gift" try making these. Her sister often uses these when...

1. The kids need to make a gift.
2. A person is in ICU where regular flowers, balloons, monkeys, and other traditional cheer me ups are forbidden for the patient's safety.

Most of you probably have this kind of stuff laying around your home.

1. Small Jar (ideally narrow neck, but doesn't matter) These do not need to be expensive.
2. Foam Flowers, Shapes, etc... (you can cut out flowers too)
3. Buttons
4. Green Pipe Cleaner
5. A Narrow Screwdriver or Pointed Object

To make your bouquet...get creative using your pre-cut flowers layering up 3 or 4. Once you are satisfied stick them together. Most will already have sticky stuff on the back. Center a button in the middle. Poke, with your screwdriver, thru the foam flowers and thru 2 button holes. You can also make 2 holes if using a real fancy button. Sometimes it helps to remove the button after initial poke so you can really stab thru the foam. Then, using the green pipe cleaner go to the top of the flower and thread one end into one button and flower hole. Thread the other end thru the other button and flower hole. Pull pipe cleaner thru tightly and VIOLA! A pretty flower! Adjust the size by adjusting the amount of pipe cleaner pulled through on each side. Make a bunch and share!!!

This is a great project for children because they can practically make it all on their own!

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