Sunday, August 30, 2009

Family Traditions - Pumpkin Magic

This is a fun family tradition that started a while back in my husband's family. They have a huge garden in Wisconsin where they grow pumpkins. In the late summer...Grandma & Grandpa pick out a pumpkin for each Grandchild. They pierce the pumpkin with that child's name. The pumpkins are still green at this point. As the pumpkin matures and turns orange...the name becomes more clear on the pumpkin. They are so neat! We were so excited because a few weeks ago we had the chance to visit and the kids were able to pick out their own pumpkins this year. We can't wait to share how they turned out.

Step One - pick out green pumpkin in the pumpkin patch
Step Two - use a tool to scratch in your name
Step Three - wait until the pumpkin in ready to harvest
Step Four - display in home

I think it would be fun to try this using stencils or a pattern. I think they are Martha Stewart quality!

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