Monday, September 7, 2009

Dandelion Centerpieces

Another fun FLOWER idea from Stacy Bomhoff...

4 to 6 inch clay pot
Styrofoam Ball (sized so it can be cut in 1/2 to fit snug in pot to hold flowers)
Bamboo Skewers about 12 per pot (use your judgement)
Butterscotch Candy Disks (NOTE: get twisty-closed kind, they look best)
Green Florists Tape
Decorative Ribbon or Gem-Like Stuff to Decorate Pot
Mossy Floral Moss

Let's go! First, take your styrofoam ball, cut in 1/2 and wedge (sphere-side down) into pot snuggly so flowers stay up. Then, glue, tie and decorate. Place decorative ribbon around the pot. Now, using your creative side, take a skewer, some candies, and floral tape and begin taping on candies. Start with one candy at top, working from the side that is not POINTY. Work down by wrapping and wrapping and randomly placing candies along the skewer. Typically 3 to 5 is what you need. Stab that skewer into your pot, and do another. Etc... Using your artistic eye, judge the size of each skewer needed, and the amount of candies on each. We used this piece to celebrate "Pioneer Day" as a table center piece, but also makes an excellent gift. Worther's Originals can work, but the label may cause distraction. However...if this gift is going to someone who loves Worther's...go for it!!!

Have lots of fun!!!

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