Sunday, May 29, 2011

Primary Music Idea - Daddy's Homecoming

I loved this Primary Father's Day song when I was a young girl.  I used to get so excited when my Dad would get home from work that I would sing it to him.  I decided that this was a Father's Day must!  

Because today was a 5th Sunday, I was in charge of a 5th Sunday Music Sharing Time.  I wanted to make sure there was time to introduce our Father's Day song as well as have time and a way to review other songs we have sung throughout the year.  So...I decided to tie the two of them together by creating an atmosphere where the Primary Children could become my Assistant Coaches.  As the Head Coach I forewarned the Primary Children that they must be extremely reverent to have the opportunity to be an Assistant Coach.  I brought clip boards with the Father's Day Song attached and started calling up front my Assistant Coaches who had the opportunity to each share something that they liked to do with their Dad, Grandpa, or Special Guy in their lives.  After all of our Assistant Coaches were up front we sang Daddy's Homecoming. 

Next, to lead into the songs that we had been working on throughout the year, I had placed several pieces of sporting equipment in a large blue bucket.   I asked for some additional helpers aka Assistant Coaches to come and pull out of the bucket an item found within.  Each of our Assistant Coaches had to help in leading their TEAM to victory by helping us to lead and sing the song that went with that piece of equipment.  All are listed above in the photo.  The Primary Children had a wonderful time singing together as a TEAM and talking about their Dad's.

I've included a special Father's Day Sheet that could be copied and used as a way to thank Dad's and Father Figures for all that they have done in coaching our Primary Children.

At the very end of the activity, I showed the Primary Children a picture of the Savior and told them that He was the best Coach that we could ever have leading our team and everything that we need to know in following His game plan can be found in our scriptures.

I hope that all of you have fun teaching the Primary Children the Father's Day Music this year!

If you would like a copy of the files above...please comment here or email me directly at or  Be sure to leave me your email address.  By the way...I have never printed on lined notebook paper, but it turned out great and looked the part!  You'll have to try was fun!


CandiceK said...

Jennifer, I love your blog!! It is absolutly amazing and very helpful. I was hoping that I could get the Father's Day files you have created. my e-mail is

Elder Jordan Rodriguez said...

I would love the files! I love your blog! I am new to my calling so I need all the ideas I can get! Thanks

Shana Mott from Camp Verde, Az