Saturday, April 23, 2011

Primary Music Idea - The Golden Easter Egg

This is a twist on an idea that some of you have probably used before during Primary Music Time.  I found at the dollar store some foam cut out Easter Eggs and thought that it might be fun to use them this week during Junior Primary.  I'm going to hand a colored egg to each Primary child and have them sit on it very reverently.  I will then ask one of them to be our special Primary volunteer.  They will be brought up front and asked to keep their back to the rest of the Primary.  While they have their back turned I'm going to switch out one of the colored Easter Eggs with the GOLDEN EGG.   The Primary children will then begin to sing one of the Primary Songs based on Easter.  They will be asked to sing softly when the HUNTER is far away from the GOLDEN EGG and a little bit louder when the HUNTER gets closer to the individual that has the GOLDEN EGG.  I figure the Junior Primary Children will probably need something active this week.

Have fun hunting for the GOLDEN EGG!

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