Saturday, April 23, 2011

Primary Music Idea - Easter Bonnets

Yes, this is another EASTER find at the local dollar store.  A few weeks ago I just happened to walk into the dollar store as they were putting their Easter supplies out on the shelves.  I saw these darling Easter Bonnets and couldn't resist picking up one in every color they had.  At the time I was thinking Mother's Day, but I've been anxious to use them and thought they could be really fun for this week's Senior Primary Music Time.  I'm going to place the Easter Bonnets on a table or the floor and ask for one of the Primary Children to come up front and lift up a bonnet to see what is hiding underneath.  I've made some Easter Bonnet Music Cards to hide under them with the names of some of the Easter Songs and a few of the songs that we have been working on the past few months during singing time.  I plan on having some additional photos of the Savior displayed as well.  I left one of the cards blank just in case you have another song you would like to sing instead of the one's that I have chosen for this week.

If you would like a copy of the Easter Bonnet Music Cards...please comment here or email me directly at or  Be sure to leave me your email address!

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Patty Ann said...

Love this idea, and I will bet the kids do too!!