Sunday, February 13, 2011

Young Women's Camp 2011 - Camp Plans

Summer - Camp - Fun - Friends - Bugs - Campfire - Crafts - Activities - Etc...

I have received numerous emails asking me about our plans for this summer's Young Women's Camp.  I have been hinting that I would be posting some of our plans on the blog since last summer.  Honestly, there is so much that goes into planning Young Women's Camp and it would take hours to share everything that has already been planned and what is in the process of still being planned.  However, I would love to share just a little sampling of what we have going on in our Stake.  Every year I put together a little outline of the activities that I would like to see covered.  Some of the original ideas come in to play while other plans get used for activities outside of camp itself or they simply are ideas that don't get used at all.  This year is no exception!  I am going to share with you a few of the ideas that are in the works and will try to do my best in sharing more information as we continue our planning with the YCL's and other Camp Leaders.  I could seriously spend hours sharing camp ideas and plans so if you see something here you would like to know more about in greater deal...please don't hesitate to email me or call me.  I'm happy to visit with any of you with regards to Young Women's Camp.

If you would like the PDF file of all of the pages that I'm about ready to share...please email me directly at or  Be sure to leave me your email address!  My cell number is 407-832-3343 for any of you that feel more comfortable calling me.  If I don't answer my phone please leave me a message and I will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.

We do a flag ceremony every morning and night.  We have our YCL's help the younger campers.  You can see our outline and the assignments that have already been given to the camp levels.

The past few years we have done an early morning exercise program.  This is something we are not going to be doing this year, but I thought I would share the page with you anyway in case you like the idea for your campers.

Our Campfire Sing-A-Long's are always a camp favorite.  We use these to highlight the many talents of our Young Women.  It's almost like a mini talent show.  We also love singing some of our beloved camp songs.

This is an activity that only our YCL's will be participating in.  I felt that our older campers needed to learn more about kindness prior to the younger campers arriving at camp the next day since they will be the one's having to be the example.  If the YCL's are KIND our younger campers will be KIND to other's too.

This is going to be our Stake Devotional on Monday night just for our YCL's.  This will take place after the YCL's go horseback riding.  I thought that would be kind of fun since we usually think of our Prince Charming riding in on his horse.

Every morning at the same time as our morning Flag Ceremony we will have YCL's that are assigned to give a 5 minute morning devotional based on the above assignments.  This went over really well last year and I can't wait to see what happens this year!

Boy Oh Boy do our YCL's have something fun planned this year to welcome our younger campers to camp.  Wish I could share it with you, but you'll have to email me in private to learn more.

Each Ward has been assigned a Fairy Tale that they will be representing at camp this year.  They will be decorating their cabins and we will be using each as part of our Camp Opening Ceremonies.

Our YCL's are going to be FROGS this year instead of ANTS like last year.  Yes...there are some more fun things that have been planned.  I'll share more information about this in an upcoming post.  Our YCL's have been busy, busy, busy!  This will be something that they will do during our Prayer, Journal Writing, and Scripture Time.

We are probably not going to use this at camp, but another idea to share.

Every year we have a Nightly News Program that some of our YCL's help to plan.  This year they are planning something out of this world.  Can't wait to share more!

This year we are going to have a ROYAL DINNER to go along with our ROYAL BALL.  The Young Women will learn all about manners and how to set a dinner table.

This is going to be our Stake Devotional that will be shared with all of the campers on their first night at camp this summer.

The Royal Ball...more to come!

This is just a page that I share with the Camp Director's about the Camp Levels, etc...

This is going to be one of our Camp Crafts this summer along with making pillows.

Every year we try to do a camp service project that can go way past Young Women's Camp.  Our Young Women are already in the process of collecting Children's Storybooks for local organizations.  My hope is that they will all collect way more then what they are expecting!

This activity is one that we are using as part of our Ward Camp Kick-Off's to introduce the Ward Camp Values.  This book LIVING THE YOUNG WOMEN'S VALUES is one that my Aunt Janette Hales Beckham gave to me when I was a Young Woman and it ties in so nicely with our Camp Theme this year Daughter's of a Noble Birthright.  You can purchase this book on-line.  I highly recommend it!

This talks about our Camp Traditions times!

Each Young Woman will be making their own Family Crest to represent their family in modern times.  Prior to camp the Young Women will be working in the Family History Center to learn more about their families.

This will be one of the classes that we will be offering at camp.  I can't wait for the girls to hear the message shared.

We are going to have a Beauty Bar and Pen Pal Station at camp this year.  The Beauty Bar will be available during free time and by appointment only.  We will also be having a class on Beauty during the week.  We are looking for Stake's from around the world that might like to be our PEN PALS this summer as part of this activity.  If you are interested...please let me know.  It should be a ton of fun!

We have a special evening devotional planned this summer based on the American Flag.  More details to come!

I'm not sure if we are going to be having a Camp Level Challenge this year, but in the past it has been a nice way to see what the Young Women have learned throughout the week.
This is another camp idea.  Great for a camp class!

This is a camp activity that the Ward's will be planning on the same day as the Young Women's Broadcast.  Originally, this was going to be part of our closing exercises at camp. 

Yet another Camp Activity based on Emma Smith - An Elect Lady.  I can't wait for this activity.  Our Young Women will be making bonnets in their Value Colors and will be learning one of the Hymns from the original Hymnal that they will share with the rest of us.  This activity will be based on Emma Smith and the transition from Young Women's to the Relief Society Program.
I hope that these ideas will help to spark some of your own. 

Happy Camping!


Aki said...

So many great ideas!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

Tami's Eclectic Corner said...

Awesome! Thank you so much for sharing this and for all the hard work you put into it.

Mendenhall Madness said...

Thank you so much for sharing these GREAT ideas! They have really helped me(a VERY new camp diretor) come up with good ideas. I was wondering if you share any of your YW clip art? I just LOVE all the clip art/scrapbook stuff you use.