Saturday, January 1, 2011

Primary Music Idea - Music CD 2011

One of the best ways to allow the Primary Children to learn the music that you will be teaching is to encourage them to sing at home with their families.  It has become a tradition in our Ward to present the Primary Children with a CD each year on the first Sunday in January.  I have made a CD that includes all of the music for this upcoming year that they can play in the car or at home during Family Home Evening.  I usually only make one per family...that way you are not spending hours making one for each child.  Be sure to make a few extra or save your files in case you have new children enter your Primary throughout the year.  I made a generic white CD label and placed the finished CD's in a white CD sleeve cover.  I used the Primary 2011 clip art that I shared in an earlier post as an embellishment that I glued to the front of the cover for fun!

You can find this year's Primary Music on the website or in the music section of  Simply download the songs you would like to include and burn your own CD's.  Once you have the songs listed and saved on your computer you can make multiple copies pretty fast.  Best of Luck!

If you would like the PDF files for the CD labels that are shown above...please comment here or email me at  Be sure to leave me your email address.


Melissa said...

These are great! I would love a copy! Thank you!


jayma15 said...

I couldn't find an outline of the songs for this year? Last year they had this:,17884,8893-1,00.html but I've had no luck in finding something like this for you have any ideas? Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? Thanks, I love all your ideas!

Stevenson's said...

I would love a copy! Thanks sooo much for your HELPFUL blog!