Saturday, January 1, 2011

Primary Music Club 2011 - Music Skills to Treasure Club

Music Skills to Treasure Club

Each year I try to come up with some fun skills that the Primary Children can work on throughout the year during Music Time.  I have found that if I call it a "CLUB" they seem to want to try harder in achieving our goals for the year to become the BEST SINGERS we can possibly be.  This year I decided to create a monthly calendar that I have placed on a ring for each child.  Just past the cover page your will see the list of tasks our Primary Children will be encouraged to work on this year.  Then, I have included the monthly theme and scripture.  I figure it never hurts to reinforce those!  The following page is for our monthly song and the scripture that co insides with it.  I want the Primary Children to help me look those up each month and mark them in their scriptures (I have another fun POST that I will share on this later).  I'm hoping the Primary Children will read those often.  Each week, I will have the Primary Teachers watch their children to see who is participating and helping to make Music Time a success.  If the children in their class are super fantastic helpers...they will receive a stamp under that week.  Each teacher will have their own stamp to use.  I'm also hoping this can be used as a Music Time REVERENCE help.

If you would like a copy of this year's Music Skills to Treasure Club...please comment here or email me directly at  Be sure to leave your email address so I can get back with you.


Carter's Creations said...

Jennifer, I would love a copy of these. Thanks!

Stacy Carter

sue said...

I would love the PDF of these. Is is possible to change the April and June songs to the one that we are singing?

The Sabins said...

This is great! I would love a copy please - jen.sabin (at) Thanks so much for all your great ideas!

Tami Madsen said...

Can I just are so talented :)

Will you please send me a copy of....
chair/door sign
helpers label
bday idea
sharing time idea
music club?

you are fabulous!


Stacey Mortensen said...

Could you please send me a pdf copy of the music skills treasure club.

Thanks! More great ideas!


Francis Family said...

I would love to have a copy. Thanks for all your hard work!

Tia Francis

Smiths forever said...

I would love a copy of these!!

Rae-N-Lance said...

Your blog is such a great help! I would love a PDF of these. Thank you!


Eve Swenson said...

Jennifer~ Could you please send this pdf file also. Thanks so very much!