Saturday, November 13, 2010

Primary Music Idea & Sharing Time - Camp Thankful Part Two

Our Camp Thankful was a GREAT SUCCESS last week in Primary.  Each of our Primary Children earned Music Feathers to go on their Camp Thankful Headband during Music Time.  As soon as each of the songs was sung a feather was attached by that Primary Child's Teacher until all six were fastened.

Next, each Primary Child received their GRATEFUL CHIEF VEST and got to come and sit next to the Camp Thankful Tee Pee and Fire.  The lights were turned off so the fire/flashlight could warm us up and set the mood for the rest of Sharing Time.

Our Primary President spoke briefly about the message that President Monson shared with all of us at General Conference on Gratitude.  She also shared with the Grateful Chiefs the story of the Good Samaritan.

After the stories were finished each Primary Child got to hold the CORN STICK and share with the rest of the group what they were thankful for.

By the end of Primary our GRATEFUL CHIEFS had earned their CHIEF NECKLACE that they could take home and color a picture or write additional things on it that they were thankful for.  Each Primary Child was encouraged to share the messages that they learned in Primary the next evening during Family Home Evening.  Including the songs!

I am thankful for such wonderful Primary Children that I get to work with each Sunday!


Anel said...

this is just too awesome

Anonymous said...

Thank all looks so fun! I wish we could do something like this..Our Stake is crazy strict on the food/treats. We also have 150 kids...Maybe I could change it a little to fit such a large group. Thanks for your ideas.