Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Primary Music Idea - We're Soaring To New Heights With Our Singing!

Are you about ready to start practicing for your Primary Program?  WE ARE!  Later this month, we are going to be having a Primary Activity.  We're calling this activity PICNIC WITH THE PROPHETS (I'll post pictures after the activity).  I was asked to put something together based on KITES and SINGING for that day.  I couldn't be more thrilled because I had had the idea of using a KITE this year as one of the ways to encourage the Primary Children to sing with all their might the Primary Songs for the upcoming Program.

Here's what I plan to do - At the Primary Activity I will be giving each of the Primary Children their own KITE that they will be taking home with them that afternoon.  Each KITE will be a different color...RED, YELLOW, ORANGE, GREEN, BLUE, and PURPLE.  I simply copied the black and white kite onto colored paper.  At the top of the little kites I've attached some ribbon so that they can hook the KITE to their bedroom door.  Each week during Primary Music Time we will choose a KITE TAIL SONG to SING.  If the Primary Children sing it without Props and without me having to tell them to sing with Louder Voices we will place that KITE TAIL RIBBON onto the KITE.  At the end of Primary each week the children will receive their own COLORED RIBBONS to take home with them to TIE ON TO THEIR LITTLE KITE at home.  The ribbons that they receive will match the KITE TAIL RIBBONS we placed onto the larger KITE at church.  When all the songs are prepared the LARGE PRIMARY KITE and the LITTLE MINI PERSONAL KITES will be FULL OF RIBBONS and ready to fly.  If they get them all....I personally think it would be fun to choose a time when you could all get together to fly KITES!!!  I think this will be a really fun way to tie in our upcoming Program and the Primary Activity planned for this month.  I hope it's something you can use too!

If you would like a copy of the templates....please comment here or email me directly at jennifer.hawkins@hotmail.com.  Don't forget your email address!

Happy Practicing!


Scattered Brain said...

How cute is this idea?! I love it.

Whiteley Family said...

I love this idea!! So cute. Please send me this (travnkemi@gmail.com). Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!

Jeszie said...

This is such a cute activity! My best friend (who is music leader) would love to do this with our Primary!


arendje said...

Yes plese - thank you for sharing this file - arendjewhidden@gmail.com

Terry said...

please forward on, such good ideas. terryg3_2@msn.com Is there any way to just get all your signing time ideas e-mailed to me? I would love that.

Heather said...

So Cute! I would love a copy.