Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Primary Activity - "BEE" Clean

I was asked to help out with an upcoming Primary Activity that we are having called Picnic with the Prophets.  Our Primary President has assigned those of us working in Primary to "BEE" one of President Hinckley's "B's".  I was given the assignment to "BEE" the "B" Be Clean.  At my station I'm going to have a yellow balloon that is blown up.  When the Primary Children arrive I'm going to tell them a story about an ANT that went hunting for food at a picnic.  Along the way the ANT sees something that he thinks is HONEY.  He goes wondering off to get it so he can bring it back to the ANT HILL.  As the other ANT friends notice him they decide that they too will follow to see if he needs any help transporting the HONEY back home.  Once on the BALLOON STRING the ANTS discover that the journey to the HONEY is getting boring and painful.  They get a little stressed out and they seem to be miserable.  All of the sudden the HEAD HUNTER ANT bites into the HONEY and POP!  The HONEY truly wasn't HONEY....it was a bright YELLOW BALLOON.  As soon as the BALLOON POPS the ANTS go tumbling down to the ground hurt and disappointed that they had spent that much time chasing after something that wasn't food after all.  Next, I'm going to talk about each part of the story in greater detail relating it to "BEE-ing" CLEAN.  I'm going to put some HONEY on a YELLOW BALLOON and let the Primary Children come up to touch it.  They will discover that it is very sticky.  Then, I'm going to tell them that the BALLOON represents worldly things that people get caught up in that are not good for them.  Such as saying bad words, talking bad about people, or dressing immodestly.  After this discussion, I'm going to invite them to wipe off their hands from the honey with a wet wipe and tell them that we can stay CLEAN if we don't waste our time like the ANTS chasing after things that are bad for us reminding them that the string represents one's life's opportunities misused. 

The Primary Children will get to take home with them an additional Family Home Evening Lesson Idea and I'll also be using the KITES that I posted earlier on the blog to sing some of our upcoming Primary Program Songs. 

Don't forget....if you work in Young Women's this could be a fun lesson or activity for them too!

I'll post some pictures after the activity...BEE watching for them!

If you would like a copy of "BEE" CLEAN handout and story props please comment here or email me directly at jennifer.hawkins@hotmail.com.  Please be sure to leave me your email address!


Ana Maravilhosa said...

Eu querooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
Ana Maravilhosa

arendje said...

I would love the "be Clean' pdf file - thank you so much for sharing [again]

arendje said...

Sorry [forgot to address email] - arendjewhidden@gmail.com

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Huntervadar said...

Thanks for sharing your ideas. You are seriously my hero. I love how you really go the extra mile and magnify your calling.