Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Worship through the Hymns

This activity was inspired by the March 2008 Ensign article Worship through the Hymns on page 64.  I had read this two years ago and it was a perfect tie in to our camp this year.  I am a BIG MUSIC person and love hearing others sing.  It saddens me when I look around on Sunday's and notice that our Youth are not singing.  To me singing is just like saying a prayer to our Heavenly Father.  The older I get the more I love our sacred hymns.  I wanted there to be something special at camp that our Young Women would never forget.  I decided that we needed to find a guest speaker/performer to come and sing a a little...and then sing a little more.  I found just the right person to do just that.  Our special guest sang so beautifully and brought the spirit immediately with her performance and special messages prepared about the Hymns.  It was amazing!  Truly amazing! 

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