Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - I Stand All Amazed

Well...if there's going to be an activity that causes you to stress out a little because of having NO POWER it would be the one at the very end of camp.  The one you were hoping would change lives.  The one you had kept a secret from all of the Young Women.  The one you had parents coming without girls knowing, etc.... Get my point?  This activity didn't exactly go as planned due to our power issue on the last day, but it still was pretty fantastic.  So...let me share with you what took place.

Prior to camp, I had given each of our Ward Camp Director's an assignment to find one or two parents that would be willing to come to camp to sit at a booth that would be part of a Little Town of Bethlehem Marketplace.  They would have to keep this a secret and would have to come dressed in the proper Little Town of Bethlehem attire.  Once at camp...these parents would be in charge of setting up their booth without the girls seeing them.  Which they did and it was great!

At camp on the last day our Bishop's come up to camp to be part of our final activities which include the award ceremony, dinner, and testimony meeting.  We had a little chicken dinner which was followed by a few special musical numbers performed by some special guests we had asked to come.  This was where a video was going to be played of our Savior's birth, but that obviously didn't happen.

Then, our Young Women with their Bishop's and Young Women's Presidency's traveled through the Little Town of Bethlehem where 2 video clips were played at each booth based on the Testimonies of the Savior by our Apostles and Prophets.  These were played on laptop computers.  I was able to burn DVD's for each table with just the two messages that needed to be played at that booth.  While watching the video they could munch on the food provided at that booth.  This was a great place for all the left over camp food.  Some of the booths also had games that were played or other messages that were shared.

Originally, the Ward's were going to meet separately after going through the town to listen to their Young Women's President recite THE LIVING CHRIST, share her testimony of the Savior, and tell the story of the Savior washing the feet of His Disciples.  After she finished the Bishop and other Adult Leaders would have the chance to bear their testimonies.  This did not happen at camp due to time and earlier conflicts so the Wards did this the Sunday after camp.  I understand what happened at church Sunday was amazing!  So....sometimes things happen for a reason.  We were then going to gather back together for the end of the activity which was going to be our guest singers singing His Hands with a video in the background.  Oh well, right?!

We did gather back together and I presented to each Young Woman a copy of The Living Christ with a VIRTUE RING as their camp souvenir and reminder to always live VIRTUOUS so they can return someday to live with our Heavenly Father and Savior.

If you would like a copy of the Marketplace Assignments...please comment here or email me directly at  Don't forget your email address!

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