Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Water War!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't just be all about the serious stuff.  Sometimes "US" GIRLS have to let our hair down and that's exactly what we did.  All of our Camp Director's and YCL'S were broken down into 4 teams.  Minus Brother Muffett (our YW CAMP MASCOT), my husband (our High Councilor), and myself (Stake YW Camp Director).  We divided the 4 teams into different corners of the playing field and gave them each a set of 500 water balloons, a water balloon launcher, a large bucket of water, and a syringe for filling the balloons.  Each team was given several minutes to fill as many balloons as they possibly could and when time was up they had to launch the balloons attacking the other teams.  If you were hit with a water balloon you were out (well...that was the original plan).  After several attacks from a distance, we allowed each team to move in a little closer.  Before was all out WAR!  Everyone got soaked...including me!  While the teams were loading their balloons the 3 of us that were not on teams were already launching our previously filled balloons.  I think that's why I got soaking wet! 

At the last YCL meeting we had prior to camp I informed the girls and leaders as to what team they would be on and told them they could come prepared with additional water gear and protection.  You'll notice we had water guns, plastic lid covers to shield one's self, and even an umbrella and water cap.  This was a ton of FUN and it definitely helped to cool us Florida Campers off!

Girl' better watch out!  You never know when I'll be coming to get ya!

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