Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Feed My Sheep

On the last day of camp we had a couple of guest speakers and performers that came to camp to help bring the spirit in preparing the Young Women for Testimony Meeting that would take place later in the evening.  One of our guest speakers came and spoke to the Young Women about Feed My Sheep.  She shared some really spiritual stories about her childhood and how Young Women's Camp had changed the course of not only her life, but other members of her family as well. 

Prior to her message we had the Young Women play a game that we had practiced at one of our earlier YCL meetings where you blindfold all of the players while they are sitting on the ground and give them an animal noise that they will make while trying to find the other individuals making that same noise.  On purpose we left one of the Young Women without any other person that would be making the same noise as her.  She was our SHEEP/LAMB.  At the end of the game all of the players should be sitting in a group with the others that were given the same animal noise to make.  The poor little SHEEP/LAMB is left sitting all alone.  When the game is over the players take their blindfolds off and questions can be asked as to if it was easy or hard to find others making the same noise.  Then, specifically ask the Young Lady you have made the SHEEP/LAMB how she felt.  Chances are she's going to say I felt lonely, sad, or I couldn't find anyone.  This leads in nicely to a guest speaker and the kids have had a little fun too!

To close out this activity we had the Young Women watch the Church DVD entitled Feed My Lambs which can be purchased through the Church Distribution Center.  It's a DARLING DVD!!!  The Young Women loved it.

As each girl left this activity...we handed them a SHEEP/LAMB craft kit to take home.  They were to make these at home as a reminder of the activity and to think of ways that they can reach out to others so that no one is left behind at home, school, work, or at church.

You will need to trace the template onto a black piece of card stock paper and cut out.  I punched a hole at the end of my sheep's body.  Cut yarn that is long enough to wrap around the body of the sheep several times making it look fluffy.  You will need two clothes pins that you have painted black (at least the bottom of them).  Attach the clothespins to the body of the sheep and begin to wrap the yarn around.  Personally it helps if you attach the yarn under one of the clothespins prior to starting to wrap.  Wrap the yarn until it can't go any further and tuck it through the hole you punched at the end of it body.  Trace and cut out of black felt the ears and glue them on to the side.  Attach a decorative ribbon with a bell and away you go with you cute little sheep/lamb.  Quick, simple, and FUN!

SIDE NOTE:  These would be fun and easy enough to make at a Primary Activity, Young Women's Activity, or even at a Relief Society Activity.  Think Easter and Christmas!!!

If you would like a copy of the Feed My Sheep Template...please comment here or email me at  Don't forget to leave me your email address.

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