Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Book of Mormon Challenge

I owe a HUGE THANK YOU to Jody G. (a friend of Beehive Messages) who prior to camp had shared with me a special story about her sister at a Young Women's Camp several years ago.  The story was based on a Book of Mormon Challenge.  As soon as I had read the story I knew right away that this was something that had been shared with me for a reason.  I knew that this was something that I should incorporate into our Young Women's Camp. 

Prior to camp, we had had a Leadership Meeting where our Stake Young Women's President had shared a message based on the theme "FILL YOUR BUCKET".  At the end of the meeting she had presented each of the Ward Young Women Presidency's with a PINK BUCKET that had additional stories and handouts in it.  I decided that we needed to take those PINK BUCKETS to camp to do something special with them.  They could surely be part of a CAMP CHALLENGE!  With PINK BUCKETS in hand all of the Wards arrived at camp.  On the first day I presented them with our CAMP CHALLENGE which was to see if they could figure out a way as a Ward to READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON by the end of the week.  I told them that they personally didn't have to read the entire book, but as a Ward they would need to in order to complete the challenge.  For each chapter of the Book of Mormon that they would read they could place a ROCK into the PINK BUCKET...thus...FILLING THE BUCKET.  At the end of camp if they had completed the task at hand they could present their PINK BUCKET to their BISHOP and bear testimony of their week at camp.

The week went on and I saw lots of Young Women and Leaders using their free time and down time to read.  I really wasn't sure that the challenge was working or if any of the Wards would finish by the end of the week.  It wasn't until REALLY, REALLY, EARLY Friday morning when a HUGE KNOCK hit our Stake Cabin Door that I realize it had worked and they had felt the SPIRIT.  The first to finish...THE MINNEOLA WARD...was all smiles at around 3:30 am with excitement as they shared with me that they had finished reading the entire Book of Mormon as a Ward.  They shared personal stories and testimonies with me.  I even got to help them find the ROCKS they needed to finish filling their bucket.  Always fun to do in Florida in the DARK!  Several of the other Wards finished too and I can't begin to tell you how much the SPIRIT was felt at our camp this year because of the fact that these Young Ladies and their Leaders took on one of the best challenges ever.  Testimonies were built and Wards were strengthened!  I will forever cherish the moment of hearing....WE DID IT...WE READ THE ENTIRE BOOK OF MORMON!!!  I truly can't put into words how proud I am of all of those that participated.  I think the Bishop's and our Stake Presidency were impressed too.

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starstruck_texan said...

Hi there, I just found you blog,and by the is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I had a question about your challenge. How many days are you at camp. We go Monday afternoon to Thursday morning and I wonder if we could pull this off somehow. It's an awesome idea!