Thursday, July 15, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Camp Fire Sing-A-Long's

One of the highlights of our Young Women's Camp this year were our Camp Fire Sing-A-Long's.  For the first time in FOREVER we were able to light an actual fire.  In years past we have not been able to due to fire restrictions.  We were so excited that it didn't even bother us that it was so HOT!!! 

I love our Camp Fire Sing-A-Long's because not only do we sing some of those silly camp songs, but we also allow the Young Women to highlight some of their talents.  Each year at our Pre-Camp we have a YCL that has a sign-up sheet ready to go for the younger girls to sign up to share musical talents, skits, poems, artwork, how to demonstrations, etc...  We usually allow up to 5 per evening.  This is almost like a mini talent show outside.  This definitely is one of my favorite parts of camp!  You should try it...I promise you will love it too!

Here's a general idea as to how we run the evening at the Camp Fire:
1.  General Gathering Songs
2.  Warm Up Songs
3.  Rounds
4.  Silly Action Songs
5.  Skits/Stories/Talents/Etc... provided by those that signed up
6.  Slower Songs
7.  Reverent Songs
8.  Evening Prayer

At our first camp fire this summer we had just our YCL'S up at camp.  We added a few extra moments of fun...THE SPARKLERS!  Some of our Leaders and Young Women were a little shy around them while others couldn't wait to get their hands on them so they could spell their names and wave them in the air.  We also used this time to plan our SNIPE HUNTING experience for the younger campers.  Instead of Snipe Hunting this year the girls decided to go PETON HUNTING (this is a made up name for a miniature character that looks like a mouse/squirrel/etc...  See photo - we have a really good artist in the bunch that drew what a PETON looks like.  The girls had the choice between the bird and the mouse like character.  We went with the mouse!).

This is a short list of some of the songs we sing at our Young Women's Camp each year.  I also have 2 more lists of fun camping songs.  Don't be shy to ask for a copy of them for your upcoming Young Women's Camp.

If you would like a copy of the camp songs that we have used at our Young Women's Camp....please comment here or email me at  Don't forget to leave me your email address!

Happy Camping!


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