Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Young Women's Pre-Camp 2010 - Barefoot Picnic

Leesburg Stake 2010 Young Women's Camp Theme:
"A Virtuous Path Leading Back To Our Savior"

The Young Women in the Leesburg Stake were welcomed to our BAREFOOT PICNIC Pre-Camp with little footprints on the floor which guided them to the following stations.

Station One:
Our Honoring Your Heritage CRAFT Check In.  The Young Women this year at camp will have the chance to make this awesome family history craft put together by my close friend Sister Downer who is a family history nut.  The girls were asked to bring a few pictures of their relatives or items that represented their family.  Sister Downer scanned the original copies and returned them to the Young Women after the activity so they don't have to bring their nice items to camp where they might have a chance in getting ruined.  This craft is going to be one they will never forget.  Sister Downer is a missionary in the Family History Center and will also be speaking to the Young Women at camp this year.  Can't wait to take pictures of the girls making these!!!  Thanks for all of your hard work Sister Downer!

Station Two:
Welcome Table!  The Young Women at the Welcome Table had the chance to say hello to their CRAZY CAMP DIRECTOR (Me!) and to put on their Pre-Camp Name Tag.  As they headed to the REGISTRATION TABLE...they followed the footprints and some silly ants that were leading the way down the hall.

Station Three:
Registration Table!  At the Registration Table the Young Women were greeted by our Stake Young Women's Presidency.  Each received a great big smile and hug.  Our Stake Leaders collected final paperwork and permission slips for horseback riding. 

Entering our VIRTUE ROOM:
I have to tell you this room looked so darling the night prior to Pre-Camp.  Unfortunately, the morning of Pre-Camp when I entered the gym all of the helium balloons had dropped to the floor.  I was so bummed!  We ended up quickly tying them to the chairs and my sister Amy ran off to pick up a dozen new ones.  Oh well!

Anyway, in the Virtue Room we started by showing a video by Sister Dalton called "Return To Virtue."  After this video clip we had an opening prayer, sang our camp theme song, and the recited the Young  Women's Theme.  Following that portion of the program I had the chance to introduce all of our YCL'S for 2010.  Then, the YCL'S introduced all of our leaders.  We got everyone organized by camp level and then prepared ourselves to watch the video that was shown at this year's Young Women's General Conference Broadcast called "Be Strong: I Know Who I Am."  The spirit was so strong in the room and the Young Women sat so quietly.  After the video I pointed out a wall full of VIRTUE QUOTES that our YCL'S had researched and found.  I found it interesting that not one of the quotes were the same.

At this point we broke into groups via camp level into our BREAKOUT SESSIONS.
Here's where they traveled to...

Breakout Session - Camp Games & Our 21 Day Countdown Craft
In this room the Young Women had the chance to listen to one of our YCL'S who had prepared a short message about our 21 Day Countdown to Camp.  I posted this craft/countdown idea in an earlier post so be sure to go back and take a look.  Then, the Young Women played some camp games that our YCL'S put together.  There was everything from a game that they play called Ninja to hula hoop games, etc...  I still need to figure out this Ninja Game.  It totally looks like they are having way too good of a time playing it.  A few of the leaders even jumped in.  Prior to exiting this room the girls were able to assemble their camp countdown onto wooden blocks that one of our YCL'S painted and prepared for Pre-Camp.

Breakout Session - Camp Levels & Camp First Aid
Our camp nurse did a fabulous job instructing our Young Women on some of their camp level first aid requirements.  They learned so much on Saturday.  This took place in our Young Women's Room and our YCL'S and Camp Director's also had the chance to share a little bit about what to expect this year at camp.

Breakout Session - Apple Pie & Promises
This breakout session took place outside in the Florida Heat!  The Young Women roasted apples over the fire and then dipped them into melted butter and cinnamon sugar.  YUMMY!  While doing this one of our YCL'S shared remarks about the Promises that our Heavenly Father gives to us and the Promises we make with Him.  My husband is the High Councilor over the Young Women in our Stake so I have to thank him for spending the entire day out there by the hot coals with the girls and all of the other leaders that were outside the entire time too.

Breakout Session - Flag Ceremonies & Camp Camp Music
This year for the first time we have YCL'S that are working with the campers on Certification.  They are also in charge of our flag ceremonies.  We thought it would be nice to have the Young Women learn more about the American Flag and how to treat it.  They learned how to do a proper flag ceremony and how to be respectful when one is being performed.  Following this demonstration the Young Women and Leaders headed over to the shade to sign up for our Campfire Sing-A-Long's that will take place at camp and to practice some of the fun camp songs we'll be singing at camp.  Our YCL'S did a great job teaching in both of these areas and again thanks to all who were outside in the HEAT for all four rotations.


We concluded our Pre-Camp festivities with our BAREFOOT PICNIC.  The campers came into the first overflow of the gym, took off their shoes, and enjoyed some time with each other.  When I called out each camp level to see if they were present they all shouted with a BIG yes except for our YCL'S.  The YCL'S were hiding from our younger campers out in the hallway preparing to come RAID THE PICNIC as ANTS.  Each YCL had made their own ANT name tag, antennas, and were introduced one by one.  Once all of our ANTS were inside the picnic area they sang their new ANT THEME SONG which they created for the ANT HILLS we'll be having at camp this year.  The tune goes with the top 40 hit REPLAY.  They sang really well and then ran out of the gym to gather their picnic food items that they drew on cardboard.  One by one the ANTS RAIDED THE PICNIC.  Our narrator took time to talk about each item the ANTS took from the picnic.  Way too much fun!  After the picnic raid was over the campers ate lunch which consisted of a small ham and cheese sandwich, a bag of chips, a cookie (my husband made these as a gift from him to the girls), and water to drink.  The food was placed into a brown paper bag which was cut in half to make it look more like a mini picnic basket.

I would like to personally thank all of our YCL'S and LEADERS for making Saturday a great day for all involved.  Now it's time to get ready for CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love You Girls!
Sister Hawkins

More pictures will be posted once I receive them from our YCL'S!

If you would like the PDF files to any of the above...please comment here or email me at jennifer.hawkins@hotmail.com.  Please leave your email address so I can send them to you directly. 


arendje said...

What fun!! Please send me the pdf files for the Vitue Quotes and the Ants came Marching Two by Two skit [and any other I need to 'copy' your theme]. I appreciate your creativity and willingness to share and I love your ideas. If I don't use this now, I am sure I or my daughters will later. Thank you!! arendjewhidden@gmail.com

arendje said...

What fun!! Please send me the pdf files for the Vitue Quotes and the Ants came Marching Two by Two skit [and any other I need to 'copy' your theme]. I appreciate your creativity and willingness to share and I love your ideas. If I don't use this now, I am sure I or my daughters will later. Thank you!! arendjewhidden@gmail.com

Fabíola Rodrigues said...

Por favor me envia os arquivos... amei suas idéias, parabéns!

Ana Maravilhosa said...

Uaaaaaaaauuuuuu que lindo!!!! Amei cada parte!!!
Pode enviar pra mim???? Por favor???
Muito obrigada!!!
Ana Maravilhosa

Carolyn said...

I'd take any of your files for future reference! Thanks. I've never seen so much work in all my life. BTW, the quote that begins,"Women of God can never be like women of the world..." was by Margaret Nadauld, when she was General YW Pres, and is found in the Nov 2000 Ensign.

My e-mail is: scooterdoodah84@gmail.com

brit said...

Please send me the pdf files. You put a lot of time, work, & effort into your program. I appreciate your willingness to share. Thanks. britbird26@yahoo.com

Jill said...

Hello! Will you please send me your virtue quotes? We are going to have a "path of virtue" at camp and these quotes will be a great addition to ours! Thanks so much.