Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Primary Music Memo - May 2010 Week Five

When children share their feelings about the gospel, it invites the Spirit.

This week I thought it would be great for families to review all of the music we have worked on this year so far.  Please add your own song under "other" for this month.

If you would like this file sent to you...please comment here or email me at jennifer.hawkins@hotmail.com.  Please be sure to leave me your email address!

Have a super week!


Stacy's Snippets said...

This is great! Could you please email it to me but if possible change the 4th week to read 5th week?

Thanks so much! We are incorporating your 4th Sunday music presentation in our primary,though we are only doing it on the months with a 5th sunday. The kids are excited!


Ashley Hall said...

It might be too late..that's what I get for procrastinating, but if you get this tonight, could you please email me it also? AshleySealHall@gmail.com