Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Beehive Messages - Roller Coaster Thrill Ride


This past weekend, we took our son Braden to Busch Gardens - Tampa.  For weeks he had seen ads for the new addition they made to the park based on Sesame Street.  In the ad they highlight a roller coaster ride made just for little ones.  Braden, being the BIG KID that he is, was desperate to ride it so we made plans to leave a Saturday free to take him.  As we arrived at the park he grew more and more excited to have his big opportunity.  We got him all strapped in and ready to go.  I sat in front of my husband and Braden so I could take pictures of the adventure.  All the way up the hill Braden was all smiles.  It wasn't until the fast paced ride down the hill that his smile quickly turned into what you see posted above in this picture that was captured by the theme park camera.  We think it is priceless and can't wait to add it to his Wedding Video when he gets older.  It was several hours before we came back for another try.  Ride two was a little less scary and by ride six Braden didn't want to leave the park.  I think he's hooked!



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Oh my heck, Jennifer, this is the most hilarious, sweeeeeeetest pictures. And yes, this is one that you will want to hold on to foreverrrrrrrrrr!!!
Luv it!!