Thursday, April 1, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - YCL Meeting FEED MY SHEEP

I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.  (John 10:14)

This past Saturday we had a fantastic YCL meeting.  This meeting was based on the theme FEED MY SHEEP.  I made each of the YCL's a wooden sign to take home as a reminder.

We started our meeting by asking each of the Young Women to tie a bandana around their eyes while they were sitting down on the floor.  I went around the room and whispered into their ear a name of an animal.  Some were dogs, some cats, and others cows.  I purposely named only one of them a sheep.  The girls were then to crawl around the floor making that particular animal noise.  The challenge was to see if they could crawl around and find the other animals in their group.  The leaders thought this sounded like fun and so I made them join in too.  Some of the groups were louder than others allowing groups to easily find one another while others took a softer approach.  You will notice that in one of the pictures you will see my sister Amy who was clearly peaking...I think I see her eyes slightly open in the picture (she's in a purple shirt).  Obviously...not everyone remembered to bring a bandana.  You can also see in one of the photos our Stake Young Women's President who continually called out other animal noises besides her own.  It was really fun to watch.  At the end...I let the girls open their eyes to see that they had all found each other except for the poor little sheep who couldn't find anyone making her noise.  She was very sad!  I had each animal group sit together as I asked each one by one...Were you able to find your group?  Was it hard?  Was it easy?  How did it make you feel?  Our little sheep of course felt lost.  I took this time to share one of my favorite pictures of Christ holding a lamb.  I explained that there were several Young Women in their Ward's that were lost or waiting for someone to reach out to them.  I asked each ward to sit together in a group with the list of Young Women in their ward to come up with a plan as to how they would reach out to those young ladies to see what they could do to encourage them to come to camp this year.  There were some wonderful ideas shared.  I thought I would share them with all of you...

1.  Group One decided they would make special cards to send to all of the Young Women in their ward.
2.  Group Two decided to go with a couple of their Young Women who have jobs and help them ask their boss for the week off so they can attend Girl's Camp.
3.  Group Three is planning a Camp Party at one of their leader's homes.
4.  Group Four is planning on inviting all of the Girl's to a special Wednesday Night Activity.
5.  Group Five is sending a special invite to all of their non-member friends and inactive girls to a special Pow Wow they are going to put on.
6.  Group Six invited all their Young Women to a special Camp and Standards Night and will be calling each of their girls with a special message.
7.  Group Seven plans to make visits to see all the girls in their Ward that haven't been coming to church.

Once this little exercise was over it was time for the YCL's to TEACH.  We had planned to use this YCL Meeting as a way to allow our YCL's to get in front of a group to practice their teaching skills prior to camp.  We have a good variety of young ladies.  Some are very outgoing...some shy...some comfortable in teaching and others not so comfortable.  I have to say they did a dynamic job!

Here are a few lessons they taught:
*  Camp Songs
*  How to TIE A KNOT
*  Camp Apostle Challenge
*  Certification Skills
*  How to protect yourself from a TORNADO...this was a hoot!
*  Flag Ceremony Quiz and Fun Facts Challenge
*  Plus tons more!

Our Camp Chef YCL's prepared a YUMMY salad as refreshment afterwards.  It is officially camp count down time!

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