Thursday, March 4, 2010

Primary Music Memo - March 2010 Week One

This week the Primary Children will begin learning that God Speaks through Prophets.  I'm encouraging the families in our Ward to talk about President Monson during Family Home Evening and to sing Follow the Prophet.

If you would like the PDF file for this week's Primary Music Memo...let me know.

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Lynn said...

Hi Jennifer,
I made a comment way back in the Scripture Journal section, and now I'm thinking you may not read that. so, I'm posting it again here. But, for the monthly scripture you give out for the kids working for their scripture badge, is that what you give them? I have just been handing out the monthly music memo and that scripture changes weekly on it, Just curious which scripture (s) you are counting. I think I may switch to the nice little journal idea you recreate from the Friend.

Also, notice the 9th verse in the Friend this month on page 25 was changed to tell about our current prophet Monson. I wonder if that is the suggestion to teach the verse that way instead of the traditional 9th verse in the songbook. Hmm~ I kinda like that 9th verse with the reference to Monson. What do you think?