Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Beehive Messages - It's Birthday Time!

Yesterday (March 8) was my birthday and I have to say I had an amazing weekend leading up to it.  I was able to work the TIME OUT FOR WOMEN event here in Orlando both Friday evening and all day Saturday.  I can't wait to share a picture of me and my mom with Sister Nelson.  I'll have to post it once I receive it from the friend that took the picture.  Friday evening...we got to listen to Sister Dew and Sister Nelson.  The spirit in the conference hall was so strong and Dallyn Vail Bayles performed.  He is amazing!  Saturday's presenters were Deanne Flynn, S. Michael Wilcox, Merrilee Boyack, and my personal favorite Emily Freeman.  Mercy River performed numbers from their new CD which I highly recommend!  For those of you that might want to consider attending TIME OUT FOR WOMEN this year...

Here are the upcoming dates and locations:

April 9-10  Memphis, TN
April 16-17  Indianapolis, IN
April 23-24  Pittsburgh, PA
April 30-May 1  Spokane, WA
May 7-8  Toronto, ON
May 14-15  Omaha, NE
September 10-11  Logan, UT & Sacramento, CA
September 17-18  Hartford, CT
October 8-9  Dallas, TX
October 15-16  Phoenix, AZ
October 22-23  Atlanta, GA & Las Vegas, NV
November 5-6  Portland, OR
November 12-13  Boise, ID

Sunday was our Ward Conference and our Stake President gave a wonderful talk about the WAYS THAT OUR HEAVENLY FATHER TEACHES US.  He shared 7 points or avenues that He shows us that He will do everything for us to know who He is.  I thought you might enjoy these.

1.  Prayer - Family and Personal
2.  Read Scriptures Daily
3.  Family Home Evening
4.  Serve and Have Callings
5.  Attend Church
6.  We have Prophets and Apostles - Conference
7.  The Temple

As you can see...I couldn't have asked for a better Pre-Birthday weekend.  It was topped off by a nice lunch outing with my  mom and dinner in with my husband and kids.  My children and husband have been sick this entire week so it was nice to hear from friends and family. 

I hope all of you have wonderful Birthday's this year too!


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