Thursday, March 25, 2010

Primary Music Idea - Easter Eggs

I love the holidays and love EASTER!  The past several years I have looked forward to the week of Easter so that the Primary Children can open an egg to see what songs we will be singing during Music Time.  This year...I will be using the eggs for the Nursery and Jr. Primary.  There are probably a few of you that have also done this in the past.  I figure it simple, easy, and most of all fun!

Be sure to take some time to show some of the Gospel Art Photos that relate to this special holiday in between choosing an egg.

Above you will see the music that I've pulled from the Children's Songbook to sing along with this activity.  You may decide to adjust and add some of your Primary Favorites.

If you would like a copy of the file attached...please comment here or email me at  Be sure to include your email address!!!

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