Friday, March 19, 2010

Friends of the Beehive - Message from Lynn Slocum

I have been so excited to share what Lynn did with my earlier post entitled...SINGING PRAISES TO HIM CLUB.  I love her spin on this and hope all of you will too!

The first picture is of the badges. I included one that is for a girl and the black and white is for the boys. The third picture is of my buttons and how I keep them. I pasted clipart from various places onto 81/2 x 11 sheets and printed, laminated and then punched out with 1-1/2 punch and 1 inch hole punch for the article of faith songs. I place two strips of Velcro to the backs of these and place in 4x6 photo album book. They stay in this nicely and it's easy to get out for primary. I just peel off the non stick strip and press on to the child's ribbon as they earn them.

This was my way of saving money to make enough for 50 senior primary kids.

For the junior primary I just glued pin backs to the singing badges and pin them on the junior when they sing for the 4th Sunday Share. They don't do the SPRH club.



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