Friday, March 19, 2010

Beehive Messages - The Week of March 7 through March 15

Hi Friends of Beehive Messages...

I thought you might be excited to hear about my past week. The week of March 7 - March 15 is a busy one in our family. Let me tell you why...

March 7th...we celebrate my nephew Ryan's birthday. This year he turned 5!
March 8th...we celebrate my birthday. I'm turning back the clock these days! AND...we celebrate my brother-in-law Todd's LIVER DAY. Three years ago he received a liver transplant and we are happy that he is still here with us.
March my sister Amy's Anniversary. Each year our mother gets us a PIE for our anniversaries. It's become a fun anniversary tradition.
March my mom's birthday. This year she turned 60 and I'll share more about what we did to celebrate.
March son, Stockton, had his EAGLE BOARD OF REVIEW. We are so proud of our 14 year old EAGLE SCOUT!!!!!!!!!!
March nephew, Justin, was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!!!
March 15th...we celebrate my brother-in-law Chad's birthday. We had a yummy ice cream cake to celebrate.

What a week! order to celebrate...all of us HALES girls decided we would travel to Arizona to my sister Merrilee's house. From my family I was able to take our youngest son, Braden. My husband had to work and our two older children had FCAT testing during this time frame. It was a good thing they were not scheduled to come because they had all been sick. Thanks to the family being sick…I felt horrible the first few days of the trip. YUCK! Braden was noticed at the New Orleans airport by one of the Southwest Airline Pilots. The pilot came over and invited Braden to come up front to the cockpit when we boarded the plane to see all of the instruments. Braden jumped on that opportunity. The pilots...Jerry and Randy...treated him like a rock star. They even ran outside to get a picture of him hanging out of the plane. Way cute! The entire trip from New Orleans to Phoenix...the staff on the plane would stop and say hi and present goodies to him. I truly felt like we were the stars of the plane and he did too.

When we arrived at my sister's it was my mom's 60th birthday. “Us” girls had planned an evening for the QUEEN. Merrilee made t-shirts for all of us that said...THE QUEEN IS 60 TODAY. The girl's t-shirts were pink and the boys were green. We have a joke that we play all the time in our family to see who is the FAVORITE daughter. I always say that I'm their number 1 daughter. wasn't until half way through the party that we noticed that Merrilee had put on the back of her shirt FAV 4 IT. What a jokester! He decided that we would present our mother with 60 gifts that remind us of her. She received everything from a picture of the temple to make-up to scrapbooking supplies to cup cake holders. She is the Queen of our family and we love her.

The baptism was an additional treat. Justin had invited a non-member friend and this little boy had gone to the LDS bookstore to purchase a baptism gift for him. We all thought that was really special.


I'm going to include a few of my favorite pictures from the trip...I hope you enjoy! I'm finally adjusted back to East Coast Time and busy working on some new posts.

Happy Spring!

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Kenney Crew said...

Thanks so much for coming out here to AZ. We had such a great time with everyone out here for the Queen's big day and for J's baptism. The shopping and projects to work on were so much fun. It already feels like forever ago, although I am still in recovery mode.
Luv and miss you tons,
Princess fav4it