Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Heart Day!

Happy Valentine's Day to all of my friends and family! I want to thank all of you who support Beehive Messages. My heart has been touched the past few months as I have received emails and comments from all of you. I truly feel that you are all my friends and I love you for making me feel so special. There is nothing outside of my own family that makes be happier then hearing from all of you. I hope that I can continue to share my love through the posts that are created for this blog and others to come. I love you all!!!

Great big HUGS!!!



Susan said...

I used your idea using the conversation heart in Primary today. I did all the stuff you posted, and the kids LOVED IT! Thank you so much for your ideas. I'm a follower. . .

Jennifer said...

Hi Susan...

I'm so glad your Primary children enjoyed the Conversation Hearts yesterday. Our Primary children had fun too. Our church is in the afternoon and it seemed like they were all on a sugar high. I think they might have had a little too much candy prior to church. I was glad I had something entertaining to do with them. It would have been hard for them to have been still all afternoon.

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