Thursday, February 4, 2010


Yesterday, Chamberlynn, was in charge of the activity for Young Women's. I thought this was kind of fun. The Young Women broke into two teams. The mutual theme for the year was shared - "Be strong and of good courage". Each team had to work together to place some things on their SHIELD OF COURAGE that they could do to be COURAGEOUS. Then, each team shared their list with the other team. After sharing their shields...the girls got ready to play a game. They remained in their two teams and tied balloons with ribbon around their ankles. On "GO"...the teams tried to POP the other sides balloons. If you had the SHIELD OF COURAGE you were SAFE. The shield could be passed from one player to another just to make the game a bit more exciting. The team with the most balloons at the end WINS!!!

Shields represent being willing to FIGHT OFF the BAD.
Balloons represent all of the trials we will face.
Your Foot stomping on the balloons shows how COURAGEOUS you are to crush the BAD in life.

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