Friday, January 29, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Minneola Ward Camp Kick Off

This past Tuesday, the YCL's and Leaders in the Minneola Ward presented their Camp Kick Off to the younger campers. The YCL's presented the theme "A Virtuous Path Leading Back to Our Savior" by putting a long piece of butcher paper down on the floor and walking on it with their feet covered in paint. This was done after reading a little card about the Savior. All of the footprints lead to a photo of Christ at the end of the walkway. Their Camp Director shared all of the Ward Assignments, the Camp Theme Song was sung, and sweet testimonies were shared. The Young Women then worked on their Camp Shoe Boxes. They look great! My sister, Amy, the Young Women's President in this Ward, shared her Hold to the Rod Challenge encouraging all of the Young Women to read the Book of Mormon prior to camp and presented to them with their very own Iron Rod. Dessert was so YUMMY!!! They have a very talented Ward Camp Director who made mini cakes with footprints on them. Way to go Leaders and Young Women...this was a wonderful evening.

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