Thursday, December 17, 2009

Primary Music Idea - Musical Manger

Last week our Primary children took some time to practice a couple of songs that we'll be singing this week during Sacrament Meeting. In order to add an element of fun to music time I challenged the children to earn pieces of hay that we would place this week into our musical manger. The children sang their songs so well that we earned several pieces of hay. Originally, I was thinking of bringing in a large manger to place them all in but I decided that they all needed to have their own manger that they could use this week for FHE. SO...I created a paper manger that they can color, cut out, and piece together. I added some questions that the children can answer to place in the manger and I'm hoping this will encourage them to become the music leader/primary teacher at home Monday night.

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The Mom said...

I love how you encouraged the children to sing at home with their families! Teaching their families what they learn is such good reinforcement and it brings the spirit to their home as well. Thank you for the idea!