Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Family Traditions - THE ELVES...Santa's Helpers!

Long sister Stacy came home from Elementary School telling all of us about a friend of hers that had put her shoes out by the front door during the holidays and when morning came she had received a gift from Santa's Helpers. Well...Stacy decided she would leave her shoes out by our front door to see if by chance the elves would leave her a surprise. At the time I must have been in Middle School and I knew that my parents were not going to do anything so I took it on as my job to put a surprise in her shoe. I think that first night I put stickers or some money in her shoe. She was so excited and as you can imagine...she continued to put her shoes out throughout the month of December until Christmas Day. After a day or two of surprises in Stacy's shoe...the whole family decided that they would place their shoes out as well. I'll never forget placing toilet paper in our Dad's shoes and writing a note to let him know that the elves only come to young children. This tradition has continued and every year the children place their shoes by the front door. The elves come every night in the month of December until Christmas. I can tell you that this works great in motivating the kids to get to bed early or the elves will move right on by. The elf gifts can be as simple as a dollar store item, a note, a candy, etc... You will have so much fun with this tradition!

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