Sunday, August 30, 2009

Personal Progress Award Program

My sister, Stacy, is the Young Women's President in their ward up in Spokane, Washington. She shared with me how she is encouraging each of her Young Women to earn their Personal Progress Award. She recently had a Young Woman that did just that. Stacy wanted there to be something special that could be shared with this young lady so that she would know how proud everyone was of her accomplishment. She came up with the idea of doing the presentation of this award in very special and unique way. She based everything that evening on a POCKET THEME. She had each of the Young Women in their ward place an item in the pocket that represented the young lady being recognized. She also had some of the leaders and the Bishop participate. When they went to present the Young Women Personal Progress Award to this young woman they each got to share something special that they had placed in the pocket for her based on the value they were representing. I understand this was such a hit that all of the girls are pumped up and excited to see what might happen on the night they receive their award. Stacy made some cute posters for the wall and a really neat table center piece. Each Young Woman walked away with a Pocket Poem and a cookie in a Pocket Pouch. Check it out!!! I just love this idea!!!

PS...if Stacy reads this maybe she can add more about this great activity.

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