Sunday, August 30, 2009

Camp Class - 100 Dresses

I had the opportunity prior to Young Women's Camp to read a book entitled 100 Dresses. This book is an award winning children's book. The message behind the story is a powerful one. It inspired me to come up with the following camp activity. I wanted to have a way to really touch our Young Women. I wanted them to not only remember camp, but to remember that there are several wonderful blessings that will come their way if they choose the right. I decided that it would be neat if we could decorate the mess hall with 100 dresses...which we did and it turned out to be really beautiful. The 100 dresses would represent all of the wonderful things that these Young Women would do in their lives here on earth. Everything from going to the Prom to dance recitals that they would be in to special Sunday meetings, etc... Up front on the stage we placed the 3 White Dresses and a photo of the Orlando Temple. We placed rose petals on the floor and hung white lights up front. We really strived to make this activity a spiritual one. When the Young Women arrived in the mess hall I was impressed to see how reverent they were. I had invited all of the Bishop's Wives from the Stake to come and share three dresses and the experiences they had had while wearing those dresses in their lives. Wow...the spirit was amazing! Then...I presented a book to each Young Women's President called My Wedding Day. They each took their group of Young Women to a private place within the mess hall and began reading the story. This particular book talks about the happiness a father has on that special day when his daughter is to be married in the temple. The leaders and young women were in tears. After reading the story...we shared a You Tube Video called The Three White Dresses and summarized why the three white dresses were so important. The covenants we will make with the Lord while wearing these three white dresses will not only draw us closer to our Heavenly Father, but enable us to be able to return to His presence someday. Yes...the tears continued. At the very end of the activity...each Young Women received a little white bag with a CTR shield. Inside was a REMEMBER necklace made out of Gold to remind them of camp, to remind them of the activity, and to remind them to always Stand for the Right. Words can not express the amazing spirit and joy that filled that room on that day. Our Heavenly Father loves each one of us and truly wants us to be able to come and live with him again some day.


Life Meets Family said...

What a beautiful idea! Thanks for sharing.

Jaimie said...

Can I ask what YouTube video you showed?