Sunday, January 26, 2020

May Your Burdens Be Light

This past week, I have watched as several associates throughout the week struggled with the burdens that were coming their way.  I watched as a dear family friend found out that he would be loosing his job due to a store closing in our area.  I have witnessed children feeling sad and upset that they are being bullied at school and no one wants to listen to them and their concerns.  I read today a post from an employee mentioning that she is struggling with sadness, depression, and anxiety over comments people have made with regards to her work outside of our studio.  I watched in Relief Society today as a woman broke down in tears because she was feeling the Spirit loving her when her personal world was falling apart.  I hope that through this blog and our social media page you can build a friendship and a bond with others that want to lift you up.  I can tell you that the friendships I have made through Beehive Messages have come at the right time in my life.  Your uplifting comments and love truly make my week.  I hope you will be willing to share things that are happening in your life with us so we can be there to help make your burdens light!  I would like to encourage you to read Take Up Our Cross by Elder Ulisses Soares.  This was the talk he gave at General Conference back in October of 2019.  May you find peace and joy in the words and messages he shares.

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