Sunday, March 23, 2014

Baptism is the Gate Game Board

It's Spring Break in Florida and I have been pondering things in life that make me happy.  Some of my favorite things in life are spending time with my family, teaching, and sharing my talents with others.  I have been missing blogging so much!  I have decided that some way some how I could maybe try to squeeze blogging back into my life.  As I revisited Beehive Messages today I definitely have a lot that I need to do to update this page.  This page really needs a new look! I can't believe I haven't  touched this much since 2011.  Wow!  How fast time flies!  I really thought it was just yesterday that I was on here, but had my eyes opened today when I discovered that it had been that long.  I have from time to time posted on my Beehive Message Facebook Group Page and Private Page, but want to give this a whirl once again.  Please be patient with me as I try to find the time to get this up and running in the way that I would like it to be.  I'm also trying to find the right way to share my files with all of you.  I will do my best to get it right.

I am sharing this fun game board today with you.  Our son, Braden, is preparing himself this year to be baptized.  Each week as we prepare our FHE lessons we are trying to have him help us to put together games, activities or lesson plans that include something based on the topic of Baptism.  A few weeks ago this was a game board that we put together based on questions that each player would have to answer in order to advance one step at a time closer to the Baptism Gate.  There really isn't a right or wrong way to play this game.  We took M&M's and used them as game markers.  I enjoyed eating mine when the game was finished!  We used the Primary Hymns you see on the side as opening and closing songs to help set the tone of the lesson/game that we played that night.  As a TWIST to this game - I also used this as a seminary tool when teaching a lesson on Baptism.  I had the youth use their scriptures and other LDS tools to see if they could come up with places where they could find the answers to these questions when teaching others about the gospel.  We found several references that will help them in the future as parents and missionaries in the mission field.

To request a copy of this file please email me at or message me on Facebook at Jennifer Hales Hawkins.  I will do my best to get a copy to you!  Please note that I usually respond once a week to inquires so it may take a few days for me to get back to you.  Thanks in advance for your patience!

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Rhonda Miller said...

What a great family night game. Thank you for sharing.