Monday, October 3, 2011

Beehive Messages - Update

It's time for an update!

I have received several emails from all of you wondering what I am up to.  I have not forgotten about you, but have had a few months of non-stop family and work action!  I have tried a couple of times to update Beehive Messages, but unfortunately my computer and the changes made to blogger have not jived well.  I'm attempting again today to see if I can get you all caught up.  I have so much fun stuff to share!

Here's what has happened since MAY..........

My husband, Steve, was released as a member of our Stake High Council and put into our newly formed Bishopric.  He loves serving our Ward Members, but misses the Ward that he was overseeing and the other assignments he had at the time.  He was able to take the Young Men in our Ward on High Adventure up to the Atlanta, Georgia area.  Let's just say he had a blast white water rafting and rock climbing.

Our daughter, Chamberlynn, is now a Senior in High School and very much enjoying the fact that this is her last year of High School.  She is taking several AP classes in addition to on-line courses that seem to be keeping her busy.  She is also on our Stake Youth Council.  They are currently planning a Fall Harvest Dance at a local barn.  She can't wait to help decorate.  Chamberlynn has been a great help to me at our dance and performing arts studio.  Chamberlynn is a fantastic tumbler and a wonderful teacher.

Our son, Stockton, has been very sick.  He started loosing a ton of weight for no apparent reason and was having a hard time keeping food down.  After months of hospital and doctor visits we were blessed to have a GI doctor notice that something didn't seem right with his blood pressure and heart rate.  She immediately sent us to a cardiologist and they were able to diagnose Stockton.  He has Neurocardiogenic Syncope which we are hoping the new medicine that he is on will cure.  Because of this medical condition...Stockton had to leave band, which was a love of his and he is unable to do any physical activities.  Not fun!  Stockton just turned 16 and is anxious to have a drivers license...we hope this week!

Our son, Braden, graduated from PreK and loves being a big kid in Kindergarten.  He loves being able to buy school lunch.  Not sure why!  I think it's because of the ice cream...not sure.  He just started t-ball with his dad as the assistant coach.  They have their first game this evening.  Braden has been counting down the hours so he can wear his new Atlanta Braves Uniform.  He is also part of a performing group and loves Hip-Hop and tumbling classes at our studio.'s my big news...I was released this past May/June from both of my callings.  I was released along with our entire Primary Presidency.  After 20 years in Primary with different Primary callings and responsibilities, I now find myself attending Relief Society.  It was such a tough transition that I just had to do something that would living things up so I have strategically placed Tootsie Rolls in my purse that I hand out every week to the sisters on the back row.  Bad...I know!  But, yummy!  I was also released right before our young women's camp as our Stake Young Women's Camp Director which made it even harder to finish planning and pulling off camp.  With each passing day...tears built up.  So, I'm sure you are wondering....what is her new calling?  Well, I've been called as our Ward Seminary Teacher.  Yes!  Who would have ever thought that I would be a seminary teacher?  Not me!  The day after YW Camp I headed immediately to a seminary meeting.  I have embraced this new calling and I love it!  Don't love the hour of the day it's held, but I LOVE working with the youth in our Ward.  The young men and young women touch my heart every day.  With that said.....there are several additional posts that I need to make to share with all of you some of the fun things we are doing to make seminary a cool place to be at 5:55 am.

This is just a brief summary.  I have to thank all of you for you patience, love, prayers, and support through the tough times we have been through over the past few months.  We become stronger through our trials and that is what I hope I have become.

Love You All....


petesprincess said...

Congrats on the new calling. I too am a new seminary teacher this year...look forward to your posts!!

Amy said...

I can't believe this!!! Hopefully you will be back at camp down the road. I have really enjoyed all your posts. I have taught early morning seminary about five years ago. It's hard, but really rewarding. I know you'll be great.