Monday, February 21, 2011

Beehive Messages - Happy President's Day

Wishing all of you a Happy President's Day! 

It's in the 80's here in Florida today and we have loved spending time together as a family.  We are preparing our backyard for a Spring Garden and doing a little Spring Cleaning around the house.  This is always dangerous because it gives me time to think about new ideas that I would like to share with all of you.  I am working on an idea for next month's Primary Song of the Month which I will post as soon as it is finished and I have been traveling around our Stake attending Ward Camp Kick-Off's.  My last one to attend is this upcoming Wednesday and after it is over I will share everything with you that the Young Women and Leader's have been preparing.  I've seen some really fun things!  I also need to share with you what we have been up to at our YCL meetings.  Our girls are off and running with camp and I have so much that will be coming your way.  I've had the chance this past weekend to visit with some of you via telephone.  Please don't ever hesitate to call me 407.832.3343.  I love chatting and sharing ideas and learning from all of you too!

Here's a little family update:

Chamberlynn (our 17 year old) - Had her 17th Birthday this past month and has spent the weekend going back and forth from our home to Youth Conference.  The youth planned a Youth Conference this year based on Missionary Work.  Chamberlynn has been fighting an illness, but managed to be part of some of Youth Conference which she didn't want to miss.  She loves serving on the Youth Council.  I think she is starting to realize that it won't be long before she is a SENIOR!

Stockton (our 15 year old) - Stockton has been going crazy with school work.  He's got it in his head right now that he wants to graduate at the top of his class.  He's been studying non-stop and his grades are showing it.  I don't think you can get much better then 100% in a class...can you?  Well, maybe!

Braden (our 4 year old) - ALL BOY!  Braden has been learning to read.  We are having so  much fun listening to him every night as he reads the scriptures and other children's storybooks.  He's having a blast in Pre-School and can't wait until he starts big kid school in August.  Braden is learning how to play sports, sing, dance, tumble, and much more. 

Me & Steve - Well...we still have our church callings and stay busy with those.  We love serving those in our Stake.  Steve stays busy with work and I just opened with a friend a new performing arts studio in town which has been a dream come true.  I am still not sure this is real, but it is!  Life is good!

I hope all of you are having a great month too!


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