Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Young Women's Leadership Training - RACE TO SUCCESS!


Start Your ENGINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I received the cutest phone call yesterday morning from my sister, Amy.  She was all excited about an activity that they were having last evening at the church.  Working with her Young Women's Presidency, they wanted to have a fun and unique way to help the Young Women Class Presidencies understand what their responsibilities were in working together as a unit.  They decided that they would go with a RACE CAR cute!?  They made a race car out of cardboard (you'll notice the wheels are black helium balloons), put up some cute decorations, got the Bishopric involved, and had donuts available for dessert.  The Young Women in the Class Presidency's were invited to participate as a RACE CAR THEME TRAINING SKIT was read.  One class at a time they were able to race around the TRACK to the FINISH LINE!  You'll have to take some time to read the skit.  It is way darling and certainly gets the point across that any leader would want to make in teaching their girls that they have to work together as a team to get things done and finish the race.  I was told they LOVED IT!  The RACE CAR was even SPONSORED.  Check out the cute SPONSOR STICKERS.  The Bishopric at the end of the meeting went around the room as the PIT CREW making sure the ladies had plenty to drink.  They served Apple Juice with Sprite from a GAS CAN (a new one of course!).

This idea would work for any sort of leadership training.  Don't be shy in asking for a copy of the RACE CAR SKIT, SPONSOR STICKERS, and PROGRAM.  You can request these by commenting here or emailing me directly at  Please be sure to leave me your email address!


Lunt Family said...

Super cute. I will have to remember this if I am very called into young womens again. For now it is primary music and I love all your help with that also.

arendje said...

Very cute - please send pdf file to - - thank you so much!!

cressfamily said...

very cute. I would love a copy.
thanks for all your hard work. I really love your site.

Jenifer said...

oh I LOVE this idea. We are always looking for fun ideas for YW activites. I was just called to the 1st Counselor in YW. Can I please get a copy of this activity?
Thank you!

Leilani Fotu said...

This is way cute and so visual for the YW to understand their duties and responsibilities. May I please get a copy of this activity? I just got called as the 1st Counselor in the YW last November and I am excited to show them this activity.
Thank you

The Larsen Gang said...

Oh, my Heavens...this is way cute! Any chance you can send me a copy of this idea? I would love to have the race car kit, sponsor stickers and program. Love this idea!