Sunday, August 29, 2010

Primary Activity - Picnic with the Prophets

The day of our Primary PICNIC finally arrived!!!!!!!  I know our son, Braden, has been counting down with the rest of our Primary Children to this BIG DAY!

Our Primary Presidency did a FABULOUS job as I'm sure you'll all agree as I share the many things that took place today. 
As our Primary Children arrived at the PICNIC they were welcomed into our gym that was all decked out for some fun PICNIC adventures.  They started their adventure off by decorating their very own BACKPACK.  Each of the BACKPACK designs were unique in their own way.  Our son decided to put his hand print on his while other Primary Children drew pictures or made designs with their names.
They moved from the BACKPACK area to the PICNIC BLANKETS where they were able to color some pictures of the PROPHETS while we waited for the others to arrive.
After our opening prayer, each family was placed into a group that would travel around the gym going station to station to learn more about President Hinckley's B's.
When they arrived at their first station.....each child was handed a BEEHIVE NECKLACE.  As they went around learning about the PROPHETS and the "B's" they were able to collect a sticker for their BEEHIVE NECKLACE at each.  They turned out really cute by the end of the event.
Here's a break down of the different "B" Stations that the families traveled to................

At this station the Primary Children got to play tennis and a PROPHET MEMORY GAME while learning more about our Latter-day Prophets.
As messages were shared about the PROPHETS the Primary Children had the opportunity to go fishing.  They loved seeing if they could capture the biggest fish in the pond.
The Primary Children jumped like FROGS all the way to the PROPHETS that were in front of them.  More exciting messages were shared as they learned to jump quickly when our PROPHETS ask us to do something.
I have already shared a little bit on the blog about what we did in my station today, but we had fun learning to BE CLEAN and the Primary Children are all set to begin our Primary Program Music Practice tomorrow at church.  They all received their kites today.  (If you would like to learn more about the kites I have a separate entry on the blog that talks about how we are going to be using them.  Look under Primary Music Ideas - Soaring to New Heights)
Who doesn't like to play outdoor games at a PICNIC?  I know I like to play games.  The Primary Children used their skills while playing a game or two.  I know they loved learning how to BE PRAYERFUL at this station.
***Because I was working a station...I'm not sure which "B's" were covered at each...sorry!***
After finishing the stations, we gathered back together as a group to have LUNCH.  Everyone had a chance to eat as we heard from our Primary President who shared one more message about the PROPHETS and the "B's" that were focused on throughout the morning.  Following her message we had the chance to finally meet the PROPHETS who had been mingling throughout the gym while the program took place.  They introduced themselves after the Primary Children tried to guess who they were. 

Our PICNIC PROPHETS were...........

Joseph Smith

All of the Primary Children were presented with their very own BEE that we made out of their footprints and some BEE ANTENNAS. 
The Primary Children also received some additional handouts and a FAMILY HOME EVENING BAG filled with "B" messages to do with their families at home the next few weeks. 
I know that our Primary Children had a wonderful morning learning more about our Modern Day Prophets and the messages they have shared with all of us. 

This is one of those activities that the Primary Children will be BUZZZZZZZZZZZZING about for a very long time!!!!!!!

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