Monday, August 23, 2010

Beehive Messages - Back to School

Boy....did 5 am roll around way to early this morning.  I almost forgot how much I love getting up at that hour to get kids out the door for early morning seminary.  Ha! Ha!

Prior to leaving the house, I made Chamberlynn & Stockton pose for Back to School Photos in front of the front door...just like they used to do as little children.  I think they were having flashbacks!  After seminary we took a picture of all the kids that would be traveling in our car to school.  As we drove off to the High School they sang at the top of their lungs their favorite rendition of THE WHEELS ON THE BUS!  This song has sort of become our early morning car ride theme song.  You should have seen people's faces as the kids piled out of the car this morning.  One of Chamberlynn's friends thought it was a clown car.  They just kept after the other!

When I arrived back home I was greeted by Braden at the back door all excited for his first day of Preschool.  He couldn't wait to get his picture taken.  We stuck to tradition by getting a few by the front door.  We also took some time as parents to quickly remind Braden that we loved him.  Braden was greeted by Miss Jenny his new teacher and I think Braden has already captured her heart.  When we peaked in after leaving his side he was already helping her around the classroom.  It was fun to see Braden giving his new school friends the treats that he had helped to make and I think the kids were happy to have a snack since snacks are not provided and most of these children have never been away from home before.  I tried to get some cute pictures of Braden after school on one of the outdoor benches, but instead he got bit by FIRE ANTS.  I felt like such a bad mom....poor thing! 

Our kids were buzzing all afternoon with stories of their first day back.  I hope your children will be too!


Dani Souza said...

Hi there! What a cool tradition you have. What gifts did your son give to his new friends? Hugs from Brazil.

Dani Souza said...

I mean, what treats did he give?

Dani Souza said...

I should have read the previous post before. LOL. Now I know.