Friday, July 23, 2010

Young Women's Camp 2010 - Women, Of Infinite Worth

In September of 2009, the Ensign had a wonderful article entitled The Influence of Righteous Women - found on page 4.  This article was the inspiration for our Women, Of Infinite Worth Hike/Activity.  Each ward was assigned a Valiant Woman from the Scriptures to highlight while on our Hike.  As we stopped along the pathway each ward shared the story of that Valiant Woman, a story about how we can relate to their story today in our lives, and a song based on the Young Woman Value that Woman represented.  We also had some beautiful pictures hanging in the trees which were painted by Elspeth Young who is featured in the book Women of the Old Testament.  This truly was one of our most spiritual moments at camp!  After we finished our hike we had a guest speaker talk to the Young Women about being Women, Of Infinite Worth.  Our guest speaker had done so much work in preparing and we learned a great deal about the women in the scriptures and how we can be just like them today.

Belleview Ward - EVE

Apopka Ward - SARAH

Lecanto Ward - REBEKAH

Clermont Ward - RUTH

Leesburg Ward - ESTHER

Eustis Ward - MARY the Mother of Jesus

Minneola Ward - ABISH

Stake Leaders - MARY MAGDALENE

Guest Speaker

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